Year 7 Lessons

History Induction Lesson

Welcome to History!

Is Disney’s portrayal of King John fair?

Lesson 9: Was John good, bad or just unlucky?

Lesson 10: Do you agree with Disney’s interpretation of King John?

How far did religion in England change under the Tudor dynasty?

Skill focus: to be able to assess change and continuity and judge how far each happened over the Tudor period.

Lesson 1: Why was religion significant during the Tudor period?

Lesson 2: Why did Henry VIII break from Rome?

Lesson 3: Was Henry’s new Church really that different to what came before?

Lesson 4: How far did Edward VI change the Church of England?

Lesson 5: Was everybody happy with Edward VI’s new Church?

Lesson 6: Why is Mary I known as ‘Bloody Mary’?

Lesson 7: Did Mary transform the Church or did she fail?

Lesson 8: Did Elizabeth I’s ‘Religious Settlement’ please everybody?

Lesson 9: Creating your own Tudor ‘Religious Roller-coaster’.

Lesson 10: How extreme were the changes to the Tudor Church? (Big Write).

Medieval African Kingdoms

Skill focus: To be able to analyse sources to understand what life was like in Medieval African civilizations.

Lesson 1: How can we find out about Civilizations in the past?

Lesson 2: What do travellers accounts tell us about Medieval Mali?

Lesson 3: What does the Sundiata Epic tell us about Medieval Mali?

Lesson 4: What is left to tell us about Medieval Mali?

Lesson 5: What can we know about Medieval Mali?

Lesson 6: What can explorers accounts tell us about Medieval Benin?

Lesson 7: What do the stories of Oba Ewuare tell us about Medieval Benin?

Lesson 8: What can we understand from the artwork of Benin?

Lesson 9: Can we understand History without having a time machine?

Lesson 10: Assessment.

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