Welcome to History!

Welcome to History, Year 7! Throughout Key Stage 3, we will be exploring a number of different places and time periods. In this lesson, we will consider what you enjoy about History and understand what you are looking forward to this year.

You can download the worksheet below. If you are unable to download the worksheet, please complete the lessons outlined in the yellow boxes below.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
– Explain what periods of History you find interesting.
– Analyse how Historians can make sense of the past.
– Justify why it is important for us to study History in school.

Source = Something that a Historian can look at to understand a historical period

What did you enjoy learning about in History at school? Were there any periods or facts you found particularly interesting?
Bullet point your answers on your worksheet.

TASK ONE: What if you had a time machine?

Sci-fi films and television love the idea of time travel and time machines – like the Tardis from Doctor Who, or the DeLorean from Back To The Future.

If you owned a time machine, which era of human history would you travel back to and why? Give three reasons as to why you would travel back to this period.

The Tardis allows Dr Who to travel through space and time.
The DeLorean allows Doc and Marty to travel back in time, as long as the car reaches 88 miles per hour!

TASK TWO: But wait, time machines don’t exist…

Unfortunately, time travel is impossible. So instead, historians have to rely on a variety of sources to complete their historical research.

1) What sources could a Historian use to understand a historical time period? Watch the video below to help you.
CHALLENGE: Can you think of anything that wasn’t included in the video?

2) Are we able to completely understand a time period without using a time machine?

TASK THREE: But wait, why do we bother looking at history?

It’s hard work becoming a Historian – lots of work goes in to researching what happened in the past.

Can you think of any reasons why it would be important to study the past rather than ignore it?

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