Did Mary transform the Church or did she fail?

Mary went to extreme measures to reinstate Catholicism to England in her short reign. But how far do you think she succeeded in doing this? Did she create long-lasting change or was it just temporary?

You can download the worksheet for today’s lesson here. If you are unable to download the worksheet, please complete the tasks as outlined in the yellow boxes below.

We have learnt a large amount of Key Words over the past few weeks when looking at Tudor religion. They can be hard to remember, and it’s essential that you use them well when writing your essays. So let’s review them.

Complete the following definitions of the Key Words we have looked at. Some have been done for you.

Key words:

Tudor key words:

Catholicism = The traditional Christian belief that was present in Europe for over a thousand years before the Tudor period.
Protestantism =
Catholic =
Protestant =
Reformation =
Heretic =
Monarch =
Pope =
Rome =
Latin = The language of the Catholic Bible.
Monastery =
Dissolution =
Monk =
Nun =
Clergy =
Henry VIII = The first Tudor monarch to change the English Church. Changed the Church slightly to include some Protestant ideas.
Edward VI =
Mary I =
Elizabeth I =

Change and continuity words:

Transformation =
Radical change = A very dramatic change that happens very quickly.
Partial change =
Complete change =
Rapid change =
Immediate change =
Dramatic change =
Long lasting change =
Ground breaking change = The first time the change was ever made.

TASK ONE – Did Mary manage to change the Church or did she fail?

Answer the following question: Did Mary manage to change the Church or did she fail?

This is the only main task for today’s lesson. Your answer to this question should therefore be comprehensive (include lots of details and explore the question properly). Please look at the structure guide below and watch the video for help.


1) Have a clear point/argument. I think Mary made a successful/unsuccessful change to the Church of England.

2) Have detailed evidence to show that this was the case. This is true because…
Use connectives to link evidence together. You should have about three bits of evidence in your argument.
In addition…

3) Now explain why your evidence shows Mary did or did not manage to make a change to the Church. Use change or continuity language.
This shows that Mary made a ____ change to the English Church because…
Change and continuity language to use:
Full change
Partial change
Dramatic change
Transnational change
Significant change
Long-lasting change
Immediate change
Temporary change
CHALLENGE: Can you explain that Mary made more than one type of change to the Church?

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