Tudor Religion – Big Write!

Over the past few weeks, we have understood the key changes under each Tudor monarch when it comes to religion. Now it’s time to put all of our knowledge together to decide how extreme the changes were in this period overall.

You can download the worksheet here. If you are unable to download the worksheet, please complete the tasks in the yellow boxes below.

TASK: Big write

For our lesson today, we are simply putting everything we know about Tudor religion together in order to write a final answer for the following question:

QUESTION: ‘The changes made to the Church in the Tudor period were very extreme’. How far do you agree?

How do I answer this question? Listen to the instructions and read the information below:


Introduction – What is your overall argument? Do you agree with the statement in the question completely/somewhat/not at all?

Paragraph 1 – Discuss your first Tudor monarch.
Point – Make your point on how much change they made. ‘It is clear that ____ made a large/important/small/etc. change to the Church’.
Evidence – Use at least 3 bits of SPEND evidence to back up your point. Use connectives to link them in your writing. ‘This is true because… Moreover… In addition to this…
Explanation – Explain what kind of change this shows. Use your change and continuity language (e.g. dramatic change, partial change). Does the evidence show more than one type of change? ‘This shows that ___ made a ____ change to the Church because… In addition to this, this shows that ___ also made a ____ change to the Church because…

Paragraph 2 – Discuss your second Tudor monarch.
Repeat the steps for Paragraph 1.

Paragraph 3 – Discuss your third Tudor monarch.
Repeat the steps for Paragraph 1.

Conclusion – Sum up how far you agree with the statement in the question. ‘Overall, I agree partially/largely with the argument that the Tudors made an extreme change to the Church. This is because… [now sum up what you have discussed in your essay]’.

What is SPEND evidence?

For each paragraph, you need to include three bits of SPEND evidence to back up your point and make your argument as strong as possible.

SPEND stands for:

STATISTICS – numbers. e.g. Mary burned 300 heretics at the stake.
PLACES – where did important things happen? e.g. Henry took Church power away from Rome to create his own Church of England.
EVENTS – what important events can you think of? e.g. The Prayer Book Rebellion shows how much people resisted change under Edward VI.
NAMES – what important names can you remember? e.g. Thomas Cranmer wrote the Common Prayer Book.
DATES – When did important things happen? e.g. Elizabeth introduced the Religious Settlement in 1559.

What change and continuity language should I use again?

Here are some that you can try to put into your explanation parts of your essay:

Complete change = when everything changes.
Partial change = when some things change, but other things remain the same.
Long-lasting change = when something changes and lasts for a very long time.
Temporary change = when something changes, but it changes back again not too long afterwards.
Rapid change = a change that occurs very quickly.
Dramatic change = a change that is very eventful.
Ground breaking change = when something is changed for the very first time.

How did religion change under the Tudors?

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