Year 8 Lessons

The British Empire

Lesson One: What drove England to colonise parts of North America?

The Victorians

Lesson 8: Why wasn’t Jack the Ripper caught?

Lesson 9: Did the Victorian period bring about progress or problems?

Lesson 10: Assessment

The English Civil War

Lesson 1: What is the most important reason to study the English Civil War?

Lesson 2: What were the causes of the English Civil War?

Lesson 3: How was the Civil War fought?

Lesson 4: Was victory an inevitability for Cromwell?

Lesson 5: Was the execution of Charles justified?

Lesson 6: Should we value Oliver Cromwell as a national hero?

Lesson 7: To what extent was the restoration inevitable?

Lesson 8: What was the most important change under Charles II?

Lesson 9: Assessment

The French Revolution

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