Nazi Germany Reflection and Action Plan

You can download the worksheet for today’s lesson below. If you are unable to download the worksheet, please complete the tasks in the yellow boxes below. SUCCESS CRITERIAAfter this lesson, you will be able to:– Identify where the gaps in your knowledge are in the Nazi Germany GCSE.– Explain what you need to revise toContinue reading “Nazi Germany Reflection and Action Plan”

Nazi Germany practice questions

12 markers Explain why the Treaty of Versailles was so unpopular in Germany. Explain why the Weimar Constitution was weak. Explain why there were economic problems in the Weimar Republic from 1919-23. Explain why Hyperinflation hit Germany in 1923. Explain how Stresseman’s policies helped the Weimar Republic recover from 1924-29. Explain why Hitler attempted theContinue reading “Nazi Germany practice questions”

Crime and Punishment practice questions

Use the revision booklets to help you answer the exam-style questions. 12 markers Explain why there were changes in definitions of crime 1000-1500. Explain why there were changes to law enforcement 1000-1500. Explain why there were changes to punishment from 1000-1500. Explain why there were changes in criminal activity from 1500-1700. Explain why there wereContinue reading “Crime and Punishment practice questions”