Year 9 Lessons

20th Century Conflict

Enquiry question: How do new ideas cause conflict?

Homework 1: What were the main events of the Second World War?

New World Slavery

Enquiry question: How far did New World Slavery contribute to racism today?

Lesson 1: Where do ideas of ‘race’ come from?

Lesson 2: When did Europeans become involved in trading African slaves?

Lesson 3: What is exceptional about the Middle Passage?

Lesson 4: What was slavery’s impact on England and West Africa?

Lesson 5: How did slave societies in the New World work?

Lesson 6: How did slaves become Maroons in Jamaica?

Lesson 8: How did the enslaved people of Saint Dominigue lead a successful revolution?

Lesson 9: How did the abolition of slavery in Britain work?

Lesson 10: Who actually benefited when Britain ended the slave trade in 1807?

Lesson 11: What have been the long-term consequences of the transatlantic slave trade?

The Holocaust

Homework lesson – Leon Greenman

Homework lesson – The British response to the Holocaust


Enquiry question: Has terrorism remained the same throughout time?

Lesson 1: What is terrorism?

Lesson 2: What were the aims and motivations of the Gunpowder Plotters?

Lesson 3: Were the IRA freedom fighters or terrorists?

Lesson 4: What similarities and differences can we see between the Gunpowder Plotters and the IRA?

Lesson 5: Why does the world remember Nelson Mandela?

Lesson 6: Did 9/11 change the way the world punished terrorists?

Lesson 7: What does modern terrorism look like?

Lesson 8: Terrorism case study table

Lesson 9: Assessment

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