Nazi Germany Lessons

Key Topic 1 – The Weimar Republic

Key Topic 2 – Hitler’s Rise to Power

Lesson 5: Why did Germany experience high levels of unemployment by 1932?

Lesson 6: Why did the Nazi Party become more popular after 1932?

Lesson 7: How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

Lesson 8: 16 mark question technique

Lesson 9: Assessment

Key Topic 3 – Nazi Dictatorship and Control

Lesson 1: How did Hitler begin to consolidate his power?

Lesson 2: Why was the Night of the Long Knives significant for Hitler?

Lesson 3: How did Hitler succeed in creating a police state?

Lesson 4: Why did the Nazi Party try to control religion in Germany?

Lesson 5: How significant was Goebbels’ efforts in controlling the German people?

Lesson 6: How far-reaching was the Nazi propaganda machine?

Lesson 7: Did the Nazi Party face much opposition from its people?

Lesson 8: Was opposition to Nazi rule completely ineffective?

Key Topic 4 – Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39

Lesson 1: How far did the role of women transform in Nazi Germany?

Lesson 2: Were the Nazis able to completely control the German youth?

Lesson 3: Did employment and living standards progress or suffer in Nazi Germany?

Lesson 4: How did the Nazis persecute minorities in Germany?

Revision Lessons

Virtual Lesson 1: Nazi Germany Reflection and Quiz

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