Cold War Lessons

Key Topic 1 – The Origins of the Cold War, 1941-58

Key Topic 2 – Cold War crises, 1958-70

Key Topic 3 – The end of the Cold War, 1970-91

Lesson 1: How did the superpowers try to reduce tensions in the 1970s?

Lesson 2: Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan in December 1979?

Lesson 3: What were the consequences of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

Lesson 4: How did Ronald Reagan’s presidency affect the Cold War?

Lesson 5: What was Gorbachev’s ‘New Thinking’?

Lesson 6: How did the USSR lose control of the satellite states?

Lesson 7: Why was the fall of the Berlin Wall significant?

Lesson 8: Why did the Soviet Union collapse?

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